ISA Registration will be needed to work with young people

Although the idea of some sort of registration for youth and children’s volunteers and employed workers has been around for a LONG time, I was gob-smacked to find it’s arrived. The Independent Safeguarding authority web site says there will be a ministerial announcement imminently and the process will begin. All volunteers and workers will need to be ISA registered and cleared, a process that will happen through the CRB system. Roll-out of this will be this year but I’m not sure when?
Thankfully ISA membership will be portable and the registering is going to be phased, started with new people BUT this is massive and I wouldn’t want to be a Diocesan Youth Adviser with the work/flak this may create. (Doh, just remembered I am one!)
Anyway: Hurrah that it helps to protect young people but aaarrrghghgh for the process, and ‘woa’ about how much by surprise it’s taken me.
Public information roadshows explaining the role of the ISA are taking place across the country. Find your nearest roadshow and register to attend.
March 6 Cardiff
March 19 London
April 10 Liverpool
Not quite the licence we speculated about but it will be interesting to see if there’s a future conversation that links registration to training.