The Teenage Brain

Loving this interview with Neuro Scientist, Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, on the teenage brain. She says:

“Until about 15 or 20 years ago,” she says, “we just didn’t know that the brain develops at all within the teenage years.” Until then, it was assumed that teenage behaviour was almost entirely down to hormonal changes in puberty, but brain scans and psychological experiments have now found that adolescence is a critical period of neurological change, much of which is responsible for the unique characteristics of adolescent behaviour. Far from being a defective or inferior version of an adult brain, the adolescent mind is both unique and – to Blakemore – beautiful. “Teenagers,” she says tenderly, “are brilliant.”

The article is here

Church with no Young People

Helpful article on how a Church might start to re-engage with young people.
Written by James Ballantyne  (but also read the helpful additional comment at the end from Arkle Bell)

“The encouragement of this piece is to think about what one thing you can do in your church to start thinking differently about young people, to start thinking about young people at all, and begin again. It is possible. Trust me”

Full article here

Yellow Braces PLUS 2018

Yellow Braces PLUS is a weekend in the countryside for young people in school years 10, 11, 12, 13.

It will be over the weekend of Nov 23rd-25th, 2018 (You don’t have to have been at Yellow Braces).

This is a small residential event for older teenagers exploring life, faith, prayer and community.

Yellow Braces PLUS flyer Nov 2018

Places on the weekend are limited so if you would like to book a place please complete and return the following forms:










Children and Young People’s Mental Health Training

Oxford Youth are putting on some training on October 11th 2018:

“An engaging training course exploring some of the mental health difficulties that young people face, as well as ways to support them.

Trainer:  Ben Lovatt”

For more information and booking click here


Young People and Mission

Loving this approach to mission training and experience  in Baltimore.

“It’s not a typical approach to Christian missions and outreach, but it’s a critical part of The Center’s work. An innovative mission program launched seven years ago by the Presbytery of Baltimore, The centre hosts church groups from throughout the United States, connecting them with Baltimore churches engaged in outreach ministry in the city. At The Center, the volunteers not only do good works; they also immerse themselves in the theology of missions and the social and economic roots of poverty and race”