Youth Minister Shortage

I was helping a Church interview for a new Youth Minister recently.  As is increasingly common at the moment, the numbers of applicants is lower, and there are a greater number of inexperienced applicants, many who have not had the privilege of professional training.
This is the result of a ‘perfect storm’ given that due to the absence of funding courses such as those run by CYM and Oasis have all but gone, and that Ministry Division has been actively looking for younger Ordinands which has seen large numbers of youth, family and children’s minsters heading to the Vicar Factories.

In Oxford we are working hard at developing Induction training for those in their first posts, and looking to partner organisations who can help offer training and accompaniment.  This only helps those who find themselves in a post. We need to do more to ‘grow’ those with the heart and gifts to work with and among young people.

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