Post Easter

I thoroughly enjoyed the two weeks of annual leave I took at Easter,  it was a refreshing time of musing, shenanigans and conversation.  I love waking up to days that are a blank canvas of possibilities … and then seeing what that days ‘picture’ will turn out to be.

I continued to read, and wonder about discipleship and about laughter, and the places where they overlap; vulnerability, being more than our anxious brains, joy – that kind of thing.  Over the holiday I received invitations to lead future Ministerial Development Days, one on discipleship, and one on Joy and Laughter. (Both of these will end up referencing the other!)

Woke up this morning thinking about Yoga (Tuesdays is my Yoga class) and how much Yoga sounded like “Yoda!” This has resulted in me re-rendering a series of Yoga instructions so that they are delivered with Yoda voice and syntax …… If you catch me giggling today it is probably because one of these lines is happening in my head.

Great too to get the Kayak on the water for the first time this year


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