I continue to be fascinated by the benefits of laughter, and am discovering more all the time about the link between laughter, spirituality and well-being.
It’s also been enlightening to dig into some research that shows how much smiling and laughing lead to happiness (or Joy as I’d be looking at it theologically) RATHER than the usual way round that our culture assumes: happiness leads to smiling and laughter.

There is something incredibly powerful that happens when we laugh that opens up healing, health, vulnerability, connection and joy. As a result of this I am not only still pursuing the comedy, but also going on some training to deliver ‘Laughter Yoga’ (Yup!). Oh and I’ve also been in touch with livability about their ‘happiness course

PS The last Ethos Comedy was extraordinary, I am incredibly proud of the evening that it was, and the joyous laughter that it produced.  Am thinking about October for the next one?!


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