I’ve had several tries at trying to write up some of my discipleship experience and learning but it has proved difficult to articulate. Not as in not being able to write it, but because of the reaction it often provokes.  Trying to help groups explore that we have an unconscious theology built too heavily on the ‘brain bit’ of us, rather than a more whole ‘body, mind, soul, spirit’ self, has produced a very defensive response.  A critique of the approach that assumes that lived discipleship flows from the acquisition of ‘correct’ knowledge has been perceived as an attack on truth, and a lean towards relativism, no matter how carefully I ‘lay out the stall’ and even define what I am not saying.  (Am still bruised by one recent attempt at a learning conversation with a group of church leaders)

I have been very encouraged though by reading “You are what you love” by James K.A Smith” who in the first chapter brilliantly (and with great wisdom) explores the degree to which the church is influenced by an intellectualism, a ‘thinking thingism’ as he refers to it …. that does not have the ability, for the most part, to equip and enable Christian activity.

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