Ethos Comedy

It is definitely hard work running a Comedy Evening. But last night was the culmination of it all; booking the right acts, promoting and marketing, planing and logistics. What a night it was though. SO MUCH laughter and fun.
Exhausted but chuffed.  Feedback from the audience (and the comedians) has been wonderful. The healing power of laughter, and the community building experience of laughing together. Beautiful.

It’s hard work though ‘selling’ what I am trying to do in bringing the community together to laugh and play. Turn out was lower than expected, and although there were enough to create the fabulous evening it was, it was challenging on the financial front.  Usefully though I picked up an accounting trick from David Gunson years ago, this meant we didn’t then make a loss ….. and we instead made a ‘negative profit!’  *laughing*

Given how much people loved and appreciated it I am determined to run it again, do however need to find new ways to get buy in and commitment.

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