Up until now I have resisted writing too much of my discipleship work up on the blog as it needs dialogue and conversation.  (Given that even in conversation there has been an anxious reaction at times to the questioning and exploring of certain assumptions – especially around the churches primary modality for ‘discipleship,’ that of cerebral, intellectual teaching.) I’m aware that in attempting to write stuff down where it lacks tonality, body language, and questioning, it is much harder to convey. It also at times provokes reactions along the lines of ‘The question you are asking mean you are saying ‘X’ and that means you are attacking or rejecting ‘Y’ (Even more frustrating given that you are not in fact saying ‘X’ or attacking or rejecting ‘Y’). Dualism lives large.

Realizing all ready that this may be a bad idea. However I am going to try and explore what I am learning in my faith journey, in my spiritual practice, in my studies …. and the interplay between them.

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