New Blog Format

For a number of technical reasons Youthblog had to morph from ‘Moveable Type’ to WordPress, as well as re-locating to a different server. The net result is, well ……. this.  I’m still getting used to WordPress but it seems to be functioning, the migration worked, and the archive is intact.
It should be  easier to comment , and also easier to link stuff to that Social Networking malarkey. An improvement therefore.

It remains to be seen whether the banner picture represents a glorious new sunrise on the retro-practice of blogging,  or a sunset … as the light fades out on an archaiac mode of exploration and community.

Gold Hill Holiday

I thoroughly enjoyed my week of being the resident minister and Speaker on a Gold Hill Holiday in Switzerland. It was a great adventure in community, faith and of course …. Skiing. I turned 50 while I was away and I feel very excited that my Skiing is still improving, even at this age *laughing*. The highlights in terms of skiing were skiing the Lauberhorn World Cup Downhill route, and Skiing down from the revolving restaurant on the Schilthorn
(Both of these runs have some intense steepness!)
me shilthornpic2.jpg
It was great to be speaking each night on The journey of discipleship ‘How the Inner Life fuels the outer adventure’ but my favourite part, as ever, was the deep conversations that happened during the course of the trip on the chair lifts, or over coffee, beer or hot chocolate.
Good to be back, a little bleary after the overnight coach trip BUT with a zing in my spirit and a feeling of intoxicating aliveness.

Making me laugh

As ever I love stories of living giving laughter in Church … and especially subversive humour.
A friend told me that at her church if you look carefully you’ll notice that all the teenagers stand only on one leg when the congregation sing, “When I survey”
‘Why?’ you ask
well …. in tribute to the line, ‘sorrow and love flamingo-ed down’