2017 and all that

Just back from a two day residential and ready to engage with 2017. The only slight downer is that all the e-mails I have sent this year thus far have somehow been corrupted and didn’t actually leave my computer … and then erased themselves. So I’m trying to remember what I said, to whom, and why …. and trying again. Doh! I’m grateful to the I.T department who have de-bugged and rebuilt my Outlook so I’m back in business.
It feels like an exciting year ahead, workwise and comedically, so very exciting. If I try not to think about Brexit or Trump then 2017 feels like a good place to be. I hit 50 this year which is a weird milestone to be passing, or at least a surprising one.
The blog continues (for a while at least) but who knows what new connection and publishing opportunities the internet will develop and offer this year. I’m still on the margins of Twitter @youthblogoxford but resisting Instagram.
I look forward to:
a) Coffee
b) Beer
c) Laughter
d) lunch
e) Conversation
(Tick all that apply) with you sometime this year. Shalom

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