One in Six

A survey by Comres discovered a higher level of christian engagement among young people than expected.

“The figures, show that more than one in five (21 per cent) people between the ages of 11 and 18 describe themselves as active followers of Jesus, and 13 per cent say they are practising Christians who attend church.”

Telegraph article here

The actual report is here, and a useful reflective response from Martin Saunders of Youthscape is here

Standing art appreciation on it’s head

Five years ago I was at a conference in Wakefield. The hotel had a rather nice meeting/banqueting room with this picture forming part of the decor:

I was muchly amused that it had been hung upside down. An Impressionistic image, inversely identified as it were. Or perhaps enacting a hybrid of  impressionism and surrealism.

I was delighted this week when a friend had attended a conference at the hotel, and sent me the above phone snap to verify that it was still struggling with it’s orientation.
(To save you turning your computer upside down, this is what it might be intended to present as:)