2016 in Comedy

Ian Macdonald comedian post gig.jpg
I have one more gig to go this year which will be on Christmas day, at a meal hosted by the Churches in Newbury for whoever needs company and food.
It’s been an AMAZING year in Comedy and I am so grateful for the fun, the company, the opportunities, and the massive learning curve. I set some ambitious targets for the year, namely:
At least 24 gigs
MC my own night
Win a gong competition
It will in fact be 58 gigs this year. Plus I launched and MC’d Ethos Comedy and won a gong competition (although I did also die horribly at one *laughing*) and a ‘Best on Night’ award. I’ve also has slots twice at largely Pro nights.
It’s been tough …. and at times I have felt like I should just give up. I had three months of feeling like I just wasn’t improving and struggling to stay motivated. The year end feels pretty good and as long as no one mentions Portsmouth I feel up for taking the learning, laughing, and late nights on into 2017.
It’s been so amazing too when friends have turned up at Gigs (2017 dates here)
Special thanks to Murrage of Canterbury who has been an agent for me, an audience member, and a great encourager.
Huge thanks too to the Fitzroy Club in Primrose Hill who had faith in my comedic abilities even when I didn’t.

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