Youth Weekend

I am so grateful for the youth weekend I have just returned from. A weekend of being community with a great bunch of teenagers and a fabulous team. It’s been good for the soul, and a reminder that I am still primarily a Youth Worker even though my job is not primarily at the ‘coal face’
We were in a beautiful part of Herefordshire at the Woolhope Cockshoot centre, with stunning Autumnal views across to the Brecons and the Black Mountains. A walk on the Malverns on Saturday saw us ascending into the clouds but ocassionally glimpsing the surrounding counties when breaks in the cloud opened.
The weekend away was built around a simple rhythmn of prayer and conversation, cooking and eating, activity and encounter. We also went to a local church where we received a wonderful welcome (I have sometimes in the past seen church congregations look worried when I brought a group of teenagers in *laughing*) and boosted the congregation by 175% (Yes I did the maths ….. during the sermon).
One of the lovely discoveries was the diversity of musical taste among the teens. One loved 1950’s music and Elvis, another was Indie, one loved 60’s and was a huge fan of Simon and Garfunkfel, another Drum n Base. Abba seemed to be a common denominator for the girls, as well as all sorts of chart stuff from the last few years.
All the teens mucked in willingly and brilliantly with the cooking, the clearing up …. AND a thorough clean of the centre ready for the next group.
Memories made, stuff learnt, fun had, faith lived and explored.

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