Unlocking the Mystery

My life is fun and varied, at times challenging, and often strange. The strangeness today is in the shape of a padlock, an alarm padlock in fact! A small package arrived and in it was a brand new un-opened padlock that has a built in alarm. There was nothing else in the package at all, it has a printed label – correctly addressed to me. The postcode indicates it was posted in the Worcester area.
I have not ordered a Padlock!
I know not why I have an alarmed padlock, or for what purpose it may or may not be intended.
Will there be events unfolding in my life that someone has foreseen will require this security device? Or is it (and this is my favourite explanation so far) a present from my future self that provides the key (figuratively or literally) to a future conundrum or choice.*
My wife has questioned the logic of this being a present from my future self and is highly skeptical of this scenario. As I pointed out though, it must have been because it wasn’t from by past self otherwise I would remember why I was sending it to my now self.

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