OLM and engaging with young people

I thoroughly enjoyed my day at Cuddesdon on Saturday. If anyone from the day is calling in to find the Powerpoint, here it is:
Cuddesdon OLM 2016 pdf version.pdf
It will mainly probably just act as an aide memoir being mostly visual but you can explore the themes more fully via the search bar (to the side) or by getting in touch.

Definitely been a good weekend

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m just mellowing into ‘the long dark tea time of the soul’ … but happily so given that it has been a weekend well lived. A weekend that epithetic declarations such as ‘Yolo’ and ‘Carpe Diem’ could be accurately attached to.
I was due to gig on Friday night at the monthly Open Mic at the legendary ACE SPACE in Newbury. I had some new stuff to play with, and although I was aware that I was sticking my neck out with the untried ‘Giraffe’ material, I was looking forward to giving it a go. In the event though the usual host was unavailable and I was the last minute replacement. I thoroughly enjoyed being compere for such a great evening. Rather than doing a set though I dropped material in here and there as fillers and links, whilst also enjoying some lovely spontaneous stuff with one of the comedians.
This photo of the evening has surfaced and I’m trying to think what the narrative was?
Ian Macdonald comedy comedian compere.jpg
I was therefore a little bleary on Saturday morning as I set off to ‘Holy Hogwarts’ aka Ripon College Cuddesdon aka The Vicar Factory where I was delivering a day of training on Youth Work to OLMS (Ordained Local Ministers). They tuned out to be a great bunch of people who were really up for thinking, learning, laughing … and asking good questions. Enjoyed the day enormously.
Sunday morning was another early start, to drive over to Caversham and BBC Radio Berkshire for an interview about Ethos Comedy. Met a lovely bunch of people, did OK in the interview (although I spoke a bit too quickly) and had some fun. I really hope it helps shift some tickets as although initial sales were good, they’ve slowed down … and I am committed to some significant expenditure on this one (gulp).
The rest of Sunday involved Breakast Out with Offspring 3, a long walk with Dog 1 and Dog 2 on Greenham Common. Then battle with Fallen Leaf 1 through to Fallen Leaf 47,006.

Has the quality of youth workers decreased?

Mike Pilavachi thinks so (as part of this interview)
The question he is raising about youth workers is perhaps the result of two issues:
1. Employment in the sector is unpredictable, short-termed and sometimes unhealthy (thus good people leave or pursue Ordination)
2. A lack of intentional discipleship and formation for the majority of christians, it just becomes more evident in those such as Youth Ministers
Mike has certainly provoked some reaction with his piece, it’s been interesting following various discussions today.
Martin Saunders reaction is here (read the comments too)
A thoughtful response from Sarah Long who is DYO for Winchester

Two years on

I was part of the line up for a REALLY good Church comedy night in October. Chuffed to be given the opening ’15’ with three Pro acts following me (and a superb MC curating and energizing the evening). The coolest thing was that Paul Kerensa was on in the second half and he got there in time to see me perform. He was the act that I got to introduce two years ago at an evening I set up at the clergy conference …. the night where I threw my hat in the ring and decided I was going to be a Stand Up Comedian.
Thus being on the bill with Paul was brilliant. Lovely to see him in action again too.
An encouraging marker on the journey of learning and developing in this challenging but brilliant art.

Dr Strange

I went to see Dr Strange last night. I loved it, especially the lovely humour of the film that would often catch me by surprise. (Some lovely laugh out loud moments for the whole audience).
I do not watch films to mine them for illustrations and the like BUT I could not help but be struck by the resonance of the film with my work on discipleship. It would have been great to use aspects of the film by way of example in my dissertation.
(I seem to enjoy any character that Cumberbatch brings to life, the greatest of which though will always be ‘Martin’ in the radio series ‘Cabin Pressure.’)