Ethos Comedy

It’s less than 24 hours until the launch of Ethos Comedy, a long held dream to run my own night that brings community together to laugh and play. There seems to be a great enthusiasm for the evening (phew) and there will be at least 100 there. I am feeling unusually tense …. actually I’m not sure exactly what I am feeling as it is difficult to separate out what is excitement, what is nerves, and what is anxiety. I don’t think I have been this ‘on the edge’ for quite a while (I don’t even need coffee).
I’m not a performer as such this time, I’m MC-ing the evening which is harder to plan for. My job is work with the audience to create the environment in which comedy and laughter lives. The stuff that I ‘do’ then needs to be in the moment and open to the spontaneous. (Not great for feeling fully prepared).
Still, this is gig 87 and a wonderful marker on my continuing learning journey around the wonderful art and science of comedy.

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