A to Z Youthwork ‘T’

Tuck (Shop)

Is there Youth Club without Tuck

Engagement with young people (and indeed any form of community) has long been around food. For the Youth Group a component of this was often Tuck. An essentially unhealthy collection of snacks in three groups: Fizzy Drinks, Sweets and Crisps.
We so often tend to replicate what went before and the tuck shop model survived or even survives longer than it should, given all that we know about the health dangers posed by junk (and the behaviour implications of too much sugar). What replaces it though is tricky …
Should it disappear entirely? Is Red Bull OK?* What alternatives work?
I saw a group that replaced everything with fruit (which didn’t have an energetic take up). It’s been good to see some groups experimenting with cooking together and then sharing a meal. We need to be creative in a post tuck era.
* answer = NO!

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