Boost Conference

Spoke at a conference today that was looking at emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. It was a privilege to be one of the speakers. Grateful to be a messy broken journeying hopeful disciple of Jesus with something to offer from my experience. As ever though, all very humbling and I felt I gained more than I was able to give. I’m so glad to have been there, and had some great conversations.
If anyone has good notes from Dr Kate Middleton’s talk on Mental Health, I’d love a copy. Left me with much to think about.
For my seminar I had to wear a Madonna Mic though … this made me smile and feel ridiculous in equal measure. (FYI not easy to wear glasses and the Mic *laughing* )
If anyone was there and the Powerpoint is useful as an aide memoir then you can find it here: discipleship Spirituality.pdf
NB The model on slide 4 is a critical representation of the informational approach to discipleship that Christendom/Rationality thinking can mistakenly default to.
It was the first time my two worlds have overlapped so beautifully as I got to do some comedic stuff after lunch. It was stand-up but rooted too in the importance of the vulnerability and openness of laughter and tears. (For the record, people did laugh, not cry)

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