New Monacticism

A conference in October gathered together leaders of ‘new monastic’ communities. In the write up it is noted that the term is not necessarily a helpful one but did detail something of the nature of these groups. The helpful descriptor being:
“Those gathered had a shared sense of vocation to develop contextual forms of missional community that have a praxis or lived experience approach to Christian discipleship, requiring a commitment to spiritual disciplines and practices, as a rhythm if life where everything becomes worship, requiring a whole of life approach to following the way of Christ based on the Gospels”

When Christians love theology more than people

Useful summary of the danger of getting the message of Jesus the wrong way round.
“But when you idolize belief systems and turn theology into an agenda, it poisons the very idea of selfless love. The gospel message turns into propaganda, friends turn into customers, and your relationship with God turns into a religion”
Sojourners article
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Dear old Vodafone is still amusing and irritating in equal measure with their particular gift for causing further problems in the solving of the existing one.
After an e-mail revealing that Vodafone would be taking rather more from my account than I’d expected, I logged on to my account at Vodafone. Vodafone have added an additional layer of security though and insist on texting a security code following your log in attempt that you must use for step 2. The trouble is they texted my land line at home (not where I am). I went through the who procedure again assuming you could select the correct phone to be texted …… BUT you can’t.
I then had to phone Vodafone and there was a long queue but to their credit they offered a call back. The call back revealed the reason for the high bill and the operative also said that she’d sort out the problem of which phone the text message needed to go to. She said she’d been able to sort it but apparently she could only do that by changing my password and issuing a temporary one which necessitated my logging in within 20 minutes. I asked for the password but was told it had been e-mailed to me, I’d find it waiting and I was reminded that I must use the information within 20 minutes or I would not be able to get into my account.
20 minutes later now and no e-mail

A framework for Understanding Poverty

This article on understanding poverty is extremely useful, especially the chart that juxtaposes various attitudes on money, time, education etc.This is a really helpful piece of work to understanding the ‘norms’ that are often prevalent in churches …. and the danger of thinking that these are a normal inclusive worldview.

A to Z Youthwork ‘S’

R: Sex

A key topic in Youthwork since, well … Forever

Highlighting conversations around sex (above and beyond any other) in youthwork is perhaps unhelpful, given that youthwork is about journeying with young people as they explore ALL aspects of their journey from dependence to interdependence and adulthood. It is however a key conversation, and all the more now given that there are bigger conversations flowing from gender, identity, sexting, internet porn etc. It is really important that youth work provides a safe space to talk about all and everything, that being the case then sex and sexuality will be part of many conversations (taking place in the Framework of youthwork, ‘N’ ..a Non-discriminatory and Non-judgmental environment).
It’s good to talk