Well it’s September the 1st and undeniably time to get my head back in the game with Youth Ministry, Discipleship and Mission. Not that I have been off all Summer, just that there has been a summer vibe and that some of my work has felt less, well — worky. It’s also been the final push on the dissertation which is now handed in and I await the verdict.
A great and varied summer though which as seen time at the seaside, speaking at a wedding and a beach holiday, time with Comedic friends, day trips and mellow time. I’m heading into September feeling fitter, rested, and even a little bit tanned.
Happy memories of the summer include a BBQ party with much fun being had on trampolines and bicycles. (Not my bicycle …. and the owner insisted I wore her helmet too)
bike fun.jpg
This morning though felt Autumnal and thus the beginning of the next season is undeniable. The ‘to do’ list looms.

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