Comic theology

It was a slow summer for comedy for me, given that the entire industry moves en-mass to Edinburgh and I wasn’t party to the party this year. I managed to get two London gigs but both were 5 minuters and I failed to shine. Friday night saw me back on stage doing 9 minutes at my local Open Mic, it was new material I had written that week but it went quite well and I thoroughly enjoy myself riffing off some lovely reaction from the audience. It was gig 70 on the tally …. moving closer to the magic ‘100’ gigs, this being the point experienced comedians tell me you actually start to learn the craft.
ian macdonald stand up comedy performance September 2016 comedian.jpg
I spoke at a Christian family holiday in the summer and really missed the mark on the first night as I was stuck in a bewildering crisis of role caught somewhere between M.A theologian and Stand Up Comedian, #epicfail. The talks flowed better therefter though and the Stand Up modality produced some nice engagement with the discipleship practices I was exploring.
‘Christian Comedian’ though does sound a little incongruous …. in the same way as say, a death metal florist or maybe an elocution teacher from Birmingham.

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