Laughed out loud

I went into the Gents toilet of a church last night and couldn’t help laughing out loud at the picture on the wall. It quoted Psalm 139, specifically the lines, “You know when I sit down or stand up!”
I am left wondering whether it is a Church with the best sense of humour ever OR if this is the most hilarious coincidental portrayal of a Psalm that is given a different meaning by context.

Knocking on Heavens Door

So encouraged by reading this, beautiful:
“Simon Foster had his arm twisted to sign up as a Christian Aid door-to-door collector, but he’s now been doing it for nearly two decades.
Has it been part of his growth in faith? He thinks so… and here he tells some of that story”

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Comedic Capers

ian macdonald comedy pic by james wadham In the Frame mic ext 440.jpg
I’m looking forward to sharing a comic perspective on ‘Rediscovering the Spiritual Art of Giggling’ at the Boost Conference in October, and to being part of a great night of comedy at a Church in Bromley. In fact October is looking like a great month with some lovely outings in the diary.

The ‘nones’

Interesting research from the States on reasons people leave religion behind, some very useful thinking therein …. and challenges.
“It’s not that nones don’t believe in God, it’s that they don’t believe in religious teachings,” she said. “They have detached completely from religion and are finding meaning in their jobs, in raising kids, in their communities, in nature.”
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