A Shout Out

Just wanted to acknowledge the thousands of volunteers out there making summer camps happen for young people. You are brilliant!
My youngest is away on a camp at the moment and I found my mind wandering back to the Crusader camps I went on back in the day: Allhallows, Bembridge, Westbrook and Monkton Coombe …. amongst others, and all the ones I have been involved with since as a leader.
Wishing everyone a great adventure in faith, community, life and friendship

Pokemon Go

My home town on Saturday was like a kind of Shaun of the Dead scenario with people wandering around in a trance like state (thank fully not zombies) playing Pokemon Go. Teens but in Newbury it seemed mainly young adults intent on collecting Pokemon. I feel like I am playing catch up on this one and was glad that Wikipedia was able to bring me up to speed.
I understand that a lot of our Churches are Gyms …. and I have heard of Churches providing a welcome, device charging station and the like.

The Road

A new Christian apologetics video-based website called the Road has been launched.
The road.jpg
“What is The Road?
The Road is an evangelistic and apologetic web resource for young people providing in-depth, accessible and relevant explanations of what Christians believe and why. The website holds a series of short videos written and presented by experts covering a range of core apologetic topics. The aim is to keep the message robust whilst packaged in a medium accessible to all young people. It is an interactive resource. Young people actively engage through controlling which videos they watch, submitting their own questions, or going deeper through links to recommended articles and videos.
Ten topics will be featured at first, each including a key video followed by up to three more covering specific questions. The initial topics are: The Gospel, Suffering, Science & Faith, Other Religions, Grace, Judgement & Tolerance, Church, New Atheism, The Historicity of Christianity, and The Bible”

Have a look