Great critique from Ed Cyzewski of anxious Christianity … that goes on to advocate a re-engagement with the contemplative. It’s a lovely piece of writing that I want to be able to quote when I encounter negativity and opposition to practices of prayer and silence.
The article is here.
” In fact, the problem that plagues evangelicals today may best be described as a selective amnesia. We have fought tooth and nail to uphold the scriptures and doctrines that the early church passed on to us, but we couldn’t give a flying fig (that’s an evangelical swear word) about the practices of the early church.
There is a stream of Christianity that takes the foundational teachings of our faith seriously–so seriously that they are viewed as givens–without devoting our entire lives to defending them from skeptics. This is the contemplative stream that pre-dates the canon of scripture. This stream has been practiced in quiet and solitude, as well as in cities and small towns. It has driven some to serve actively and it has driven others deeper into the desert. Ironically, those who traveled the furthest into the desert were eagerly sought out by many from the cities. These desert contemplatives exercised tremendous influence and their words remain powerful, relevant, and formative until this day”

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