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I loved having some time to chat and share stories with some of the Soulscape team today. They are such a vibrant and innovative Christian schools work charity working with their aim of “creating space to explore life” which they do through a number of projects run in schools in the area.
I was really impressed with, ‘Object.’ This is a drama and then workshops around Pornography. It came out of conversations with young people and the dramatic piece is entirely actual made up of actual conversations, questions and thoughts from young people.
I also love ‘Pause’ which is an interactive prayer space, which they describe better than I can. So in their words:

“PAUSE is Soulscape’s interactive prayer space for young people at school. Carving out space during the busy school day for personal reflection and prayer, it invites young people of all faiths and none to think about what and who is important in their lives. There are opportunities to remember people loved and lost, opportunities to explore hopes and dreams and opportunities to recognise and let go of regrets. PAUSE is primarily a space for personal exploration, time to ‘be’, an opportunity to stop looking at the clock”

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