Peter Ball

I heard the sad news today that Peter Ball has died. Peter was a wise and Godly man who served the Oxford Diocese as Youth Adviser, was for many years the National Youth Adviser, and more recently worked ecumenically with churches in Oxfordshire. I count it a privilege to have known him and to have learnt from him. It’s hard to find the words but this picture by Ben Mizen for me captures his cheerful friendliness and warmth perfectly.
Peter Ball National Youth Adviser.jpg
Supplemental: Thanksgiving Service for the life of Peter Ball will be on Friday 24th at 2pm at High Street Methodist Church in Witney.

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  1. Amen, Ian
    Peter was, SIMPLY THE BEST
    we worked together for over 20 years and it seems like yesterday as I look at Ben’s wonderful picture
    SO MANY helped, so many supported, so many encouraged—- Young People, Youthworkers, DYO’s, and SO MANY others
    I’m crying this afternoon –so will many others–but like me they’ll smile through their tears at SO MANY wonderful memories
    I raise my glass of diet coke to you, who I’m SO honoured to call a friend–Cheers and God bless you Peter [If ever someone deserved to be called Peter!]
    my name is Niemiec

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