Comedy Update

Gig 58 on Friday was so much fun, probably the most confident and playful I have been on stage. I was hugely helped by a really warm and responsive audience which means next bit of learning is developing the skills to help an audience to get into that zone in order that the comedy lives and thrives.
A friend took some photos on Friday night and it’s made me laugh as I don’t realize quite how expressive I am on stage. No idea what was going on here:
comedian Ian Macdonald Stand up comedy gig.JPG
Comedy tends to leave the comedian in one of two states both of which I experience regularly, either a) I’m an idiot, I can’t do comedy or b) Yay, I’m a funny guy. (It is possible to experience both of these positions in one evening *laughing* )
So the comedic adventure continues. Despite the times of soul crushing doubt, overall …. I LOVE IT!
This is where I am going to be over the next few months:
7th June: Looking for a ‘Walk in’ London
12th June: Honest Comedy Gong Show Banbury
17th June: Chipping Sodbury with Andy Kind
22nd June: Music n Comedy Night Twickenham Festival
24th June: Community Show, London Primrose Hill
1st July: ACE SPACE Newbury
16th Sept: ‘In the Frame 3’ Newbury
7th October: ACE SPACE Open Mic Newbury
11th October: Spiritual and Mental Well Being Conference, London.
4th Nov: ACE SPACE Open Mic Newbury
19th Nov: Gold Hill Baptist Weekend Away

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