Christian Comedy

Had a great chat yesterday about comedy in christian gatherings, and I thoroughly enjoyed the laughter that ensued from the shared stories and experiences. I was explaining the Christian Comedy Contradictory Conundrum:
Postulate a) Christian comedy ought to be easy given that you are competing with sermon ‘jokes’ that are predictable, infinitely recycled, and in fact … not actually funny.
Contradictory Postulate b) Christian comedy is in fact REALLY difficult as there is often a nervousness about laughing in a church setting, and the bandwidth of what is deemed ok to laugh at is very narrow.

But genuinely hilarious stuff does happen in church, the mystery being how so many people are able to suppress a laugh response. (Is short term aphonogelia prevalent in religious settings? discuss). So yesterday we got to discussing truly wonderfully hilarious events or phrases that we had seen or heard. Can’t share them here given Postulate b), but if you have a story to tell I WOULD LOVE to hear it. (e-mail or comment, nb comment is a two stage process as you have to click ‘preview’ then the option which will then be given, ‘submit)
My theology of the Christian Journey is that it is a process (often uncomfortable) of becoming more human. To that end laughter and tears should be a rich part of our collective life.
* for the record I am not a Christian comedian, I am a comedian who is a christian. Interesting conversation with a church leader who assumed I would have two completely different sets of material, one for comedy clubs one for churches (and the implication being I had proper bawdy stuff for outside and sanitized stuff for inside) …. an assumed dualism.

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