“OYW and Oxford CYM are helping to organise an important training conference on Tuesday, 11 October on the emotional and spiritual well-being of children and young people and their leaders.
Please promote the conference around your networks and encourage youth and children’s workers to sign up.
The conference is being part-funded by the Jerusalem Trust and so we are able to charge just £25 for the day, including lunch.
We have expert speakers, including Dr Kate Middleton of Mind and Soul, Paul and Sally Nash of Midlands CYM, and Ian MacDonald to tickle the funny bone as well as seminars on topics such as stress and anxiety, identity and well-being, and the effects of social media on well-being”

All the gumph here
(The Ian MacDonald mentioned is in fact me, Ian Macdonald ….. The Ian MacDonald (capitalized D) is an Australian comedian, whilst Ian Macdonald is from Birmingham and I should know)

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