Shear cutting-edge Grass roots Ministry genius

I’m loving this model of Youth Ministry that is the work of Rev Matt Overton, it’s a gardening business that aims to give young people, “tools to thrive in work, life and faith.”
The article talks about Matts reflections and vision: “In his view, the standard “sit and receive on Sunday night” ministry doesn’t help teens tap into their God-given gifts, much less discover or hone them.
Upper-middle-class assumptions built into youth programs are flawed as well. They don’t address the needs of teens whose families struggle with poverty or domestic abuse, and a “zero tolerance” society leaves little in the way of grace for teens who need the chance to fail, to solve problems and to learn through correction from trusted mentors.
How might skill-building and mentoring ministries meet the needs of young people across social classes in your community?
With these thoughts in mind, Overton assembled a team of church members to explore ways to bring about his vision of combining a jobs program with his work in youth ministry”

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