Vodafone continued

After last months 45 minute call to sort out why the reduced tarrif I was promised by way of apology for all the mistakes Vodafone had made …. hadn’t happened, I thought we had resolved the issue.
Just got my bill and it still hasn’t happened …
… oh and line rental on the other phone on the contract has been put up by £6 a month without notifying me.

Christians in the Arts

(Westwood Centre near Huddersfield)
Are you a Christian working in the Arts? Or maybe you feel an artistic calling on your life and want to explore that with God and other Christians?
Whether you are a worship leader, songwriter, visual artist, actor, dancer, comedian or poet, this short get-together will offer a perfect space to meet with others in the Artistic sphere; to eat and laugh and fellowship together; to pray with and for each other; and to seek God’s heart for our creative ventures and futures.
Cost: £39 (includes accommodation)
Catering: Evening meal provided on Monday
Timings: 10am Monday – 4pm Tuesday
For more info, or to book, contact:
[email protected] 01484 845042

Shear cutting-edge Grass roots Ministry genius

I’m loving this model of Youth Ministry that is the work of Rev Matt Overton, it’s a gardening business that aims to give young people, “tools to thrive in work, life and faith.”
The article talks about Matts reflections and vision: “In his view, the standard “sit and receive on Sunday night” ministry doesn’t help teens tap into their God-given gifts, much less discover or hone them.
Upper-middle-class assumptions built into youth programs are flawed as well. They don’t address the needs of teens whose families struggle with poverty or domestic abuse, and a “zero tolerance” society leaves little in the way of grace for teens who need the chance to fail, to solve problems and to learn through correction from trusted mentors.
How might skill-building and mentoring ministries meet the needs of young people across social classes in your community?
With these thoughts in mind, Overton assembled a team of church members to explore ways to bring about his vision of combining a jobs program with his work in youth ministry”

Full article here


Made it to work this morning using only miserly amount of fuel given that the display was confirming that I had got 75.9 miles to the Gallon for the journey. Quite pleased with that even if it dos involve driving below 60mph, using no un-necessary electrics and possibly a bit of slip streaming from the odd gargantuan lorry. Definitely becomes worth it though when I look at how little I am spending on diesel.
I recently checked that the dash computer was accurate and was delighted to find it REALLY is. Jo and I drove back from the Lake District, filling up as we left Ambleside and then filling up again 262 miles later in Newbury. The dash computer had the journey at 70 mpg, the full to full calculation putting the consumption at around 71mpg.
Love it

Destitution in the UK

This JRF study on destitution in the UK makes for sobering and unsettling reading, especially given the number of children it affects as well as adults.
They defined destitution as when someone lacked two or more basic essentials in one month. This means that, over this month, people have: slept rough, had one or no meals a day for two or more days, been unable to heat or to light their home for five or more days, gone without weather-appropriate clothes or gone without basic toiletries.
Summary of findings