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I recently blogged about the fact that whenever I make any changes to my account or upgrade my phone it tends to go very pear-shaped indeed. The latest change being a case in point … hence the post. I did say though that by way of apology I had been told my tariff would be lowered to make up for the errors and the time it had taken to sort it out.
Just had my bill though and the promised reduction has not happened AND the person who dealt with my complaint did not actually record the reduction on the system … no record exists it seems.
Really fed up of dealing with a company where mistakes have been so common place, where what I have been told will happen, hasn’t, and a system where a sales person can tell you something and then have no accountability as all they need to do is not actually record it on the system.

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  1. Ahh yes, Vodafone. I left them two years ago. The following is a couple of letters I needed to write to them (Please note, the contained sarcasm, mostly induced by how threatening their letters were…):
    14th July 2014
    Re: xxxxxxxxxx
    Dear sir or madam,
    Until two weeks ago, I was a Vodafone customer. I had been with you for sixteen years. I have now received my final bill and it is that I am writing to you about. I left Vodafone because whilst your coverage has always been excellent, your customer service I could only ever describe as adequate and your prices are not remotely competitive with the contract I have now moved to.
    Last week I received the email to tell me that my final bill was ready. The email had a balance of £81.26 on it which I thought was likely to be incorrect. I then logged on to your website to check the breakdown. I was not able to do so because, as I am no-longer a customer, my login no longer works. This is fine. However I was reasonable sure, knowing what my usage had been that the bill was incorrect so I took the step at that point of cancelling my direct debit. I think this was probably a prescient thing to do.
    Having receive my bill by post, I can see that you have double-charged me the cancellation charge – one that I have already paid by credit card. Therefore, as I suspected I do not owe you any money. I am glad that I cancelled my direct debit as I suspect if I had not, it may well have taken me a lot of effort to get my money back. In this I am, perhaps being somewhat unfair, but my previous experience of your customer service does not give me hope.
    I trust that having received this letter, you will amend my bill and not send me further letters demanding money. I have no intention of replying to any further such letters I receive. Especially as I would rather have sent this by email, an option that your website and correspondence does not give me. Similarly it was a challenge to find a postal address to write to. This is not helpful.
    Yours faithfully
    Ian J
    25th July 2014
    Re: xxxxxx/Your reference xxxxx
    Dear Mr Sxxxxx,
    Many thanks for your prompt reply. Unfortunately, whilst you wonderfully answered a question I did not ask, you have not actually dealt with the specific point I raised.
    I have enclosed copies of my final bill and my previous letter for reference. In my first paragraph I outlined the reasons why I was leaving Vodafone:
    1) Lack of competitive pricing
    2) Poor customer service
    Your response is a good example of my second point. I also outlined that I would have rather carried out this correspondence by email, something that Vodafaone does not facilitate. Similarly it was very difficult to obtain an appropriate address to write to. I do not wish to discuss this on the telephone as I wish to have a written record.
    My specific concern, which you did not address, is that my bill contained two entries entitled ‘charge for cancellation prior to contract end date.’ I am sure you understand why I cannot see how the £79.30 entry is owed when it appears to be the same as the one below for £79.95 that I have already paid.
    When I telephoned to cancel my contract on 26th June, I specifically asked how much it would cost me to leave my contract early and was told £79.95, which I then paid. I cannot see from my bill, nor from my contract, or your letter, what the addition £79.30 charge is for. If you would like to demonstrate for me why this second charge is due, I will, of course pay, forthwith. I appreciate that the remaining balance of £1.96 is due.
    I gather from your letter that you have referred this matter to your Collections Team. As I have stated, I have no intention of responding to their letters and I am slightly disappointed that I have had to write to you a second time about this matter.
    To summarise:
    1) I believe my account has an incorrect charge of £79.30 on it (‘cancellation prior to contract end date 27 Jun’)
    2) When I cancelled my contract by telephone I was told it would cost me £79.95 which I then paid. This appears of the bill on 26 June.
    3) I have written to you to explain why I believe this invoice to be incorrect and as such why I am not prepared to pay the sum requested
    4) I have indicated that if you can demonstrate why this money is owed, I will pay in full.
    5) By my calculation the balance due is £1.96.
    (Total bill £81.26, minus disputed £79.30; equals £1.96)
    I cannot, of course, stop you from pursuing this matter further but I believe I have demonstrated why I believe the invoice to be incorrect and that I have acted in good faith at every stage. For that reason I am prepared, at this stage to offer the following: I believe the correct balance was £1.96. Due to Vodafone’s policy of not enabling me to attend to this matter by email, I have now had to write to you twice, I am therefore prepared to offer you the balance minus the cost of first class postage incurred by me. I therefore enclose a cheque for £0.72 for the balance.
    I believe this should be an end to this matter, unless you demonstrate to me why the second charge of £79.30 is due.
    Yours sincerely
    Ian J

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