I am on four weeks study leave at the moment to complete my dissertation for the M.A. I feel really blessed to have this time to get my head around writing up all the work and study on Discipleship. It had always been my plan to do this on a sabbatical (I have been with the Diocese for 13 years) and had been saving my Sabbatical for this purpose. Sadly the Diocese stopped allowing Sabbaticals and Study leave but I was fortunate enough to be able to apply as the Diocese had not updated the staff handbook (phew) and on that basis was offered this compromise agreement of four weeks. Am loving the time to read, muse and write.
I’m writing the dissertation, putting together a web page on “Why discipleship matters” …. and there also seems to be an intentionally provocative talk emerging, “Why Christianity isn’t working?”
So, I’m not actually at Church house at the moment but am picking up e-mails.

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