I’m back

cho.jpgVery strange today coming to the New Office after 13 years of being in the loft at North Hinksey, all good though and the new office is really nice. I called in for a few hours last week to help with the move but this is my first full day at the new place. (Phone number remains the same if anyone is trying to get hold of me).
The two weeks off was epic and I had so much fun. Managed to do some work on the dissertation but it was a case of several steps forward then a couple of steps backwards as the writing revealed I haven’t nailed down the exact question I’m asking yet. Comedy was a major focus though and I managed to get in five gigs, attend a coaching session, meet with a TOP comedian, and go to a writing group. My gig in Putney last week was a real highlight for me. Loads of family and friends time, loads of gardening and domestic chores, plenty of fresh air. Properly brilliant two weeks!
The Youth Adviser is refreshed, rested and ready to help

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