Brian McLaren

Brian McLaren is coming to the U.K in the Autumn at the invitation of the Progressive Christian Network. I am currently reading his book “A New Kind of Christianity” which explores 10 questions that are transforming the faith … and they are good questions. I’m finding the book really helpful in my work with ‘discipleship’.
Here’s the blurb:

“Brian McLaren argues for a new kind of Christianity. For centuries, Christianity has presented itself as a system of beliefs. That system of beliefs has supported a wide range of unintended consequences – from colonialism to environmental destruction, from subordination of women to stigmatization of LGBT people. What would it mean for Christians to rediscover their faith – not as a system of beliefs, but as a just and generous way of life, rooted in contemplation and expressed in action, that makes amends for its mistakes, and is dedicated creating a beloved community for all? …
McLaren calls for the era of a change averse, self-protecting Church to end. He invites open-minded Christians to undertake the task of shifting the faith to be more in sync with its founder, more life-giving for individual Christians and congregations and more of a just, generous, and joyful resource for the whole world”

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