Millenials and the Church

Interesting article from a millenial on what the church is missing, worth a read
“Millennials are not interested in a celestial Jesus with a permanent smile and open arms, unconcerned with the goings-on of planet Earth. We’ve heard about that Jesus our entire lives, and we’re not buying it.
Do you know what we would buy? Jesus the man, Jesus the prophet, the Jesus that fashioned a whip of cords and overturned the tables of the money changers for making God’s house a den of robbers. The Jesus that challenged the establishment and paid the ultimate price. The Jesus that took up the cross of the poor, the weak, and the marginalized in the name of God”

ht to Ben Miz for pointing me to the article

Vodafone Update

I recently blogged about the fact that whenever I make any changes to my account or upgrade my phone it tends to go very pear-shaped indeed. The latest change being a case in point … hence the post. I did say though that by way of apology I had been told my tariff would be lowered to make up for the errors and the time it had taken to sort it out.
Just had my bill though and the promised reduction has not happened AND the person who dealt with my complaint did not actually record the reduction on the system … no record exists it seems.
Really fed up of dealing with a company where mistakes have been so common place, where what I have been told will happen, hasn’t, and a system where a sales person can tell you something and then have no accountability as all they need to do is not actually record it on the system.