Discipleship and Comedy

I have been a student of comedy for as long as I can remember; trying to understand the magic of how some people can make us laugh. I know off by heart great swathes of Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, The Two Ronnies and Max Boyce, for example. I am an annoying recipient of jokes as I generally know it, or can see what the payoff is going to be.
Added to this, over the last two years I have completed two comedy courses, and I have read over twenty books on the art …… as well as quizzing every comedian I meet and compiling their wisdom and advice.
I know some stuff about comedy!
But that doesn’t mean that because I know it I can just do it (it REALLY doesn’t).
I was musing on this given how much I see church teaching information about what Christians should do, on what the Bible says, on faith imperatives. But knowing the information in your head doesn’t mean that you can automatically then do it. (This being the case then New Years Resolutions would work and/or very few people would smoke).
In Comedy I rely on observing others making people laugh in the reality of live comedy, on endless practice and critical feedback, and on developing/honing the skills needed, and the camaraderie of others on the front line.
Discipleship is more complicated in that:
There is Soul-journeying needed (to love deeply, to forgive is not merely a choice)
The modelling of this you see is in church …. where it is easy to be a christian
The instruction runs counter to our natural inclinations
It seems to be attached to expert scholarly understanding
The ‘How to’ is very rarely covered
Just musing out loud ……

Vodafone and the Catalogue of errors

I have three numbers on my account with vodafone and I closed one of them down so the number could be ported to a new provider. Vodafone tried to get me to stay but I explained that every time Vodafone has made any changes to contracts or details it has always gone wrong, always differed from what I was promised over the phone, and always takes me time and effort to sort out. I therefore did not want to open up that possibility yet again.
They accepted that this was a reasonable reason for leaving and gave me the PAC code for the number I was porting away from Vodafone. At this point (based on experience) I said, are you absolutely sure that this is the PAC code for the number I have requested and not for my main phone.
My daughter then went into Swansea on Friday to sort out her new phone with this PAC number, but it didn’t work. I then rang Vodafone and they assured me that this was the correct PAC code for the number I was requesting to close. My daughter went back into Swansea again today, the PAC code still didn’t work. On phoning Vodafone it turned out they had in fact given me the PAC code for my main number not the one I requested.
Vodafone conceded that changes to my account always seemed to go wrong …. and to be fair they said that my experience had been poor so they would lower my monthly tarrif on my phone.
Just logged onto to check the e-mailed details and yes they have reduced my tariff but with 50% less data than the package I was on. I actually come off worse with the ‘reduction’ than I was before their apologetic gesture.
Not untypical but quite funny that the apology for the mistakes becomes itself a mistake that will take time and effort to sort out.

Captains Log Supplemental:
It turns out I do still have 3gig data as opposed to 2gig. Apparently when my e-mail says I have 2 gig it does in fact mean 3gig as it is including a bonus gig that exists but not in the details that you are sent? So I am assured that although Vodafone have sent me an e-mail saying I have 2gig of data I can be assured that I do in fact have 3gig!