Hate, scapegoating, no substance and a wig

“I love the old days”
“You know what they used to do (to protesters) like that when they got out of line?
They’d be carried out on a stretcher folks”
Donald Trump 2016
It is bewildering to see that Donald Trump i s still a contender for president. As far as I can see a campaign that hasn’t said much other than scapegoat all the non-supporters and/or other ethnicities as being the problem with ‘MERICA! This the call to hate/blame … and the encouragement of violent response to anyone who is in disagreement with Trump-ism (implied is that those not for Trump are politically correct liberals/foreigners who are to blame for Americas problems …. ergo non Trumpites hate America.
For my generation in Europe we have struggled to understand how Hitler rose to power. Watching Trump and his supporters at the moment looks like a case study that makes perfect sense of how the Third Reich came to establish itself.

The fact that some prominent ‘Christians’ and ‘Churches’ are supporters makes me sad and angry in equal measure. How can you align Jesus and the scriptures with a consumerist, violent, hating, pro-rich, judgmental white supremacist movement?

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