The Real Easter Egg

I blame the way my brain is wired but everytime I get an e-mail promoting the “Real Easter Egg” is makes me laugh. My mind starts to assemble some notional idea of what a real Easter Egg would be like and how it might deal with all the inherent contradictions of an Easter Egg being more spiritually and theologically correct than others.
Not saying it is not a lovely idea just that my brain sets off on a bizarre metaphysical musing each time it is mentioned.
But I’m happy to ask Google:
theo jus.jpg
*Note this is a confessional piece not a critical one so no need to pick up “Real” stones to correct me, OK*
** Ok Have now written a working idea of a Real Easter Egg but am not committing it to print (see above), it may well get a comedy outing alongside my Public Service Spiritual Safety “Sweetest Frame” warning

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  1. As the person who came up with the Real Easter Egg perhaps it is worth saying I had a similar problem.
    What would a ‘Real Easter Egg’ look like?
    For me it had to share the Easter story – we are the only one to do this every year using different illustrators and we have had remarkable feedback from across all age ranges.
    It also had to be Fairtrade – paying sugar and cocoa growers a fair wage for their goods is a must.
    And it had to have a charitable element – making real the Easter themes of hope and new life – so we have given more than £200,000 to charitable causes over the past five years plus we pay a ‘Growers Premium’ which is a cash sum to our farmers to spend on fresh water supplies, books etc.
    Easter is celebrated widely in the UK by the giving of 80 million Easter Eggs each year. We either get in there and see an opportunity to share and inspire or the gap widens…

  2. David,
    Love it …. thanks for the update, Liking the elements that come together in this, and the £200K is VERY impressive indeed. Great to have the information from the inventor.
    The e-mail line still makes me laugh but I love how many elements come together to make it the most real Easter Egg there is. Thanks for commenting

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