Oh, that’s me

Yesterday my colleague, friend … and one of the few published photographers I know decided to take a picture of me as part of his Lent series of portraits. (Ben is taking a photo a day for the forty days and posting them alongside the story of how he knows them. Flickr Link).
Ian ben photo crop 200.jpgAlthough there have been various pictures of me recently taken during comedy performances, I have been unaware that they were being taken and so they are a grab of a moment in time amidst the gesticulation, expression and oddness of comedy. This was a slightly more intense process, being fully aware that a camera is being pointed at you at close range with a photographer intensely working at their art. It was a bit uncomfortable, very funny and I guess more than a little surreal.
When I see photographs of myself it is often as a kind of detached observer where I’m not sure I entirely feel that what I’m seeing is me, or at least the me I think I am. The image normally feels like a facsimile doing the sort of things I would probably do if the photo had actually been of me. This photo though feels like it is actually really me. Weird
This post is not intended to be as pretentious as it might be read, I’m just thinking out loud. I turned 49 at the weekend and I think the image has perhaps coincided with my existential musings on life, faith, mortality and the like.

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