Ethos Comedy

Trying to set up Ethos Comedy but my initial skirmish with WordPress is proving complex, how when I was trying to set up a webpage have I ended up with a blog? Have managed to point to the wordpress site but want to change the wordpress site to a webpage and map that with the correct domain. So much to learn
But here’s the idea of Ethos Comedy Club
(Hoping to launch in the Autumn)
“In conversation about comedy I have encountered lots of people who have never or rarely been to live comedy. They like the idea but are put off by a number of anxieties that seem to boil down broadly to one or usually both of these.
I don’t want to get picked on
I’m uncomfortable with XXX rated content and language
So the idea of Ethos Comedy is to provide great evenings that are just as funny (if not more so) but with an ethos that means no-one gets picked on, and the show tries it’s best to live in a PG or 15 category”

Security and Group Status

“Archaic religion was usually an attempt to assure people that nothing new or surprising would happen, and that the gods could be controlled. Most people want their lives and history to be entirely predictable and controllable, and the best way to do that is to try to manipulate the gods. Low-level religion basically teaches humans what spiritual buttons to push to keep our lives and God predictable. This kind of religion initially appeals to our lowest levels of egocentric motivation (security and group status) instead of moving us to our highest (generosity and trust). Jesus had a hard job cut out for him!”

Narrowcast not broadcast

Really interesting article on a move by young people away from broadcast social media. I have been seeing this, Teenagers having Facebook but no longer posting regularly. Well worth a read

“Today, however, the newest data increasingly support the idea that young people are actually transitioning out of using what we might term broadcast social media – like Facebook and Twitter – and switching instead to using narrowcast tools – like Messenger or Snapchat. Instead of posting generic and sanitized updates for all to see, they are sharing their transient goofy selfies and blow-by-blow descriptions of class with only their closest friends”

Speaking Tonight

I’m speaking at an ecumenical worship event tonight …. I have to stop thinking of it as a gig (I REALLY DO!) I’m hoping I can draw from the comedy experience but exist within the required Milieu (can’t believe I just used that word! In my head I am now thinking in terms of a notional game of “Don’t be pretentious Snakes and Ladders” and am aware I landed on a very long snake there).
Anyway I shall Talk about Love I think.