Harrogate: Mission and Discipleship Day

In conjunction with Roll the Rock, details here
“Come and join us for a one-day workshop for anyone who is interested in thinking through what transformational discipleship & mission looks like. Suitable for church leaders, lay leaders and anyone with an interest in growing a discipling culture at the heart of the church”

A more Youth Friendly Church

Martin Saunders suggests 5 ways that Church might make itself a bit more youth friendly.
“This generation of young people is marked by their commitment to activism and the fight against injustice. They’re idealistic, they’re motivated, and they were born into a world which has come to realise its many flaws. The average church is usually already involved in campaigning, serving the poor, and making a positive difference to the local community. So don’t be quiet about the fact – give them a chance to hear about your overseas mission partners, your night shelter or your food bank, and give them an opportunity to get involved! And going a step further, could you even listen to them, and ask them what they think the church should be getting involved in? Young people are often the prophetic leaders of movements of justice; there’s no reason why that can’t be true of the teenagers in your church”
Full article here

Discipleship Dissertation

First meeting with my supervisor today to pitch my dissertation and to glean some wisdom about the way forward. Not going to win a catchy title award methinks:
“Discipleship is rendered impotent for the re-ordering of self by a foundational theology and ecclesiology dominated by Rationality and Christendom.”

Comedic Ratings Battle

Google is recognizing my role as a comedian although I am still in a ratings battle with another comedian of the same name but with a capital ‘D’ in his surname as opposed to my name ‘Macdonald’
Ian macdonald comedy gig perfomance.jpg
If you are feeling helpful you could do me a huge favour and search for
Ian Macdonald Comedy or Ian Macdonald comedian and click on the about.me link for ‘Ian Macdonald’ or the Comedy CV page for ‘Ian Macdonald’ ….. (AND not the MacD one)
That will boost my ranking I hope
A thousand thanks

Sole Space

No idea what to make of this story about a Church shaped like a shoe? Offered here without comment …..
Ok maybe not without comment:
One church has taken a massive step when it comes to Church growth. The building is a marvelous ‘feet’ of engineering drawing people into a fashionable but important sole journey.