New comedy material

I have a slot at the Cavendish in London tonight, and I think (Friend is sorting it out) another in London on Thursday. I want to do some new material tonight but it is very interesting to feel how strong the pull of the ‘tried and tested’ is.
Anyway, I will try the new! I will. What’s the worst that can happen?*
ian madconald comedy gig comedian stand up.jpg
* Oh yes I remember. A silence of incomprehension descends on the audience as time slows down and I slowly die on stage burned by the indifferent stares of 120 people, before someone helpfully lets me know that I’m ………… (well you get the idea).
Thursday night gig never worked out … postponed until April
Tuesday gig was REALLY tough …. ouch.
The page I used has been ‘upgraded’ removing quite a few useful features, doh

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