And I’m back, did you miss me? (actually don’t answer that)
I’ve been away from the Office for three weeks which has been really refreshing. The three weeks were a mix of saved up annual leave, the Christmas Holidays, and a conference/retreat. Within the annual leave I was out in Switzerland speaking on ‘Discipleship – The Soul Journey’
I loved getting to Ski with my youngest son … and to see him getting the whole throwing yourself down a slope on a couple of planks thing, and why it is so much a part of me. I can’t believe that I am blessed with this ministry that is literally going downhill … fast
Ready to fully engage with January and the whole 2016 thing now. It is going to be an interesting year with needing to write my dissertation (the exploratory thesis being, ‘Can the son of a Postman who flunked ‘A’ levels actually pass an M.A?) and Church House moving premises, as well as looking at how my work is shaped in the context of Mission and Discipleship, under a new Director. Not sure how I feel about facing the alarm clock and impending commute tomorrow though.
I’m still loving the comedy stuff and I’m aiming for at least 24 gigs again this year BUT with the added Big Hairy Audacious Goal of four of them being paid. I’m also looking to MC at least one gig and to start a Comedy club and network.
Pleased to have three gigs in the diary for January.
Jan 19th: Cavendish London
Jan 24th: Gig with Andy Kind in Bournemouth
Jan 30th: ‘Curry n Comedy’ in Compton (my first 20 minute)
(Feb 5th ACE SPACE)
** PS Not sure why I wrote the title in Roman Numerals. Quirky, cool or pretentious? You decide. Press ‘M’ for quirky, “X” for Cool, “V” for pretentious …… and “C” if you miss “C” being part of the date.

** PPS Yes I was wearing a helmet to ski, I’d just taken it off here

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