Board Game

We are in the middle of a big clear out at Church House ready for our move on the 29th March to the new building. Every so often potentially amusing stuff come to light like this game:
This made me laugh …. and given the subject matter I wondered if it could be re-named as a game to something more suitable:
Fight Club

Or given the subtlety of differences between denominations and Churchmanships:
Trivial Pursuit
* My mind randomly moved onto designing a board game based on the book of Genesis which I am going to call “Snakes and Leaders”

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  1. How is this one played? The cover doesn’t quite match what you’d find in a modern games shop but the premise sounds quite intriguing, depending on whether the underlying premise is something other than monopoly.

  2. I found one just like it a couple of years ago… I keep leaving it in the usual to-be-thrown-out pile only for some helpful soul to find it and decide it looks like it belongs on my desk… how many other diocesan resource cupboards are plagued with this persistent box…?

  3. Yay,
    We should compare notes on historic artifacts in the past near History of Anglican youth work.
    (I might get some material out of it)
    My favorite thing so far is a book entitled “The Church of England and How to Understand It” ….amusingly it is much much shorter than you would imagine it needed to be

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