A to Z Youth Work: ‘O’

O: Outdoor Education

Informal education (see I) in the Great Outdoors, Youth work on a grander sclae

Getting outdoors has long been a great way of doing youth work. Time to chat, shared experiences, challenges to face, and memories created. Whether is is an intentional piece of learning or just for fun, it’s a good thing to do. Many young people (and adults) are limited in their connections and encounter with nature; being in the mystery and thrill of the outdoors is soul enhancing and exhilarating.
The range of Outdoor education might mean is large; from a stroll through to a full-on expedition, or specific activity. With the safety of young people foremost many will require specialist skills or training but with many great centers around the country the support and opportunities exist.
For a fuller guide to why and how then this document is brilliant

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