Comedy Stuff and the Like

Ian macdonald comedian pic.jpg
I had a fun gig on Saturday especially given that it was perhaps my first full-on proper booking as a comedian. Twenty minute slot with lovely attention to detail like a drinks voucher and the sound crew asking for my intro music in advance. Very happy.
Amusingly too this descriptor of my work has leaked out of Kent:

“unexplainably funny”

This has definitely made me laugh, I am taking it as a compliment although ….. it could be read as the diametric opposite.
All in all though, best Comedy month ‘eva’ Five gigs, five counties and only one DOA (died on arse).

Continuing Professional and Ministerial Development

Oxford Centre for Youth Ministry are running bi-monthy CPD sessions for youth, children’s and family ministers. They run from 09:30 – 13:00 (and then a chance to socialize over lunch at the excellent Cafe at CMS). You can join the Wednesday group or the Thursday group.
Do you feel the need to talk with like-minded practitioners?
Do you need to air your views in a non-judgemental environment?
Do you need to talk about issues affecting your work?

I REALLY recommend looking at join one of these (The first one is FREE!)
To get dates and all the info, contact the lovely Lynda at Oxford CYM
[email protected] 01865 787455


Ahead of a gig for Youth and Children’s workers in Kent this evening, I discovered that the Youth Worker sitting next to me has been reading this blog for years. Made me smile. It was kind of like bumping into an old friend that I didn’t know, up until then, that I had. Great to chat to you Lynne. Thank you

Board Game

We are in the middle of a big clear out at Church House ready for our move on the 29th March to the new building. Every so often potentially amusing stuff come to light like this game:
This made me laugh …. and given the subject matter I wondered if it could be re-named as a game to something more suitable:
Fight Club

Or given the subtlety of differences between denominations and Churchmanships:
Trivial Pursuit
* My mind randomly moved onto designing a board game based on the book of Genesis which I am going to call “Snakes and Leaders”

Diocesan Events

Two things happening next term:
Yellow Braces. The epic and wonderful weekend away for 11- 16’s. New location as we head to the Oakwood Centre near Wokingham. July 8 – 10th
Yellow Braces main flyer 2016.pdf
Yellow Braces 2016 BOOKING FORMa.docx
Taize. I will be taking a party of 15-18 year olds to Taize for the last week in July.
Taize booklet 2016.pdf

A to Z Youth Work: ‘O’

O: Outdoor Education

Informal education (see I) in the Great Outdoors, Youth work on a grander sclae

Getting outdoors has long been a great way of doing youth work. Time to chat, shared experiences, challenges to face, and memories created. Whether is is an intentional piece of learning or just for fun, it’s a good thing to do. Many young people (and adults) are limited in their connections and encounter with nature; being in the mystery and thrill of the outdoors is soul enhancing and exhilarating.
The range of Outdoor education might mean is large; from a stroll through to a full-on expedition, or specific activity. With the safety of young people foremost many will require specialist skills or training but with many great centers around the country the support and opportunities exist.
For a fuller guide to why and how then this document is brilliant