Ofsted and Church Groups

There are a number of alarmist e-mails circulating around Ofsted inspecting Religious Groups. These refer to a consultation that closes on Jan 11th 2016. It’s worth a read as it considers some important points …. not least around keeping young people safe.
If you would like to see the actual document then here it is

Comic Progress

Ian madonald comedy gig small res dec 2015.jpg
Had a lovely time playing with some new material at ACE SPACE on Friday, needs some work on the closing piece but overall OK. Am playing their Christmas bash on the 19th, then hoping to perform at a lovely Open Mic in the village of Hampstead Norrys on 20th.
That will be the end of an extraordinary 2015 where I have had comedic opportunities I could not have even dreamed of.
(Chuffed to as I have a profile on the Laughing Horse Website … oh and you can find Ian Macdonald Comedian via google …. me and the other comic who spells his name with a capital ‘D.’ Also have an entry on Comedy CV
I am in Switzerland on a Ski Trip between Christmas and New Year but that is a speaking gig not a laughing one, although I’m sure a little humour ‘may’ creep in.
Only one gig in the diary so far for 2016 which is a Church weekend Away. Need to do some pro-active work to get some other dates methinks
* Photo by Paula Mitchell