Youthwork the Conference

I loved my visit to Youthwork the Conference on Saturday. Great to see the energy and community of the event being residential again (did I ever tell you *Grandfather voice in evidence* about Bream Sands back in 1992), Liddington was a great venue.
It was good to catch up with so many people from this great calling of ministry among young people.
Was there any word as to whether there will be a YC16, and whether it will be at liddington again? I’m trying to put together a leaflet on Spiritual and Professional development opportunities 2016 and there is no YW Summit or Soulnet to be able to point to.
(I do know that YC16 can’t be at Liddington on the corresponding weekend in 2016 as I am booked to do entertainment on the 18th/19th November 2016 for a large Baptist Church weekend away at Liddington.)

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