ich bin ein Komiker

Just on the train to London to week 6 of the comedy course. Homework for this week was to prepare 3 minutes of ‘stuff’ to perform that is ‘taking a risk’ (doing something different, experimental, mad). I’m going to attempt a short routine in German on the basis that it will be undecipherable to the audience given a) it’s German and more because it is b) My pigeon German ….. so to make people laugh will all depend on timing, mannerisms, pauses and body language (but helped by a degree of absurdity).
I am though quite chuffed with a VW gag in German I have written. (Even more so as my English VW joke has been nullified as Milton Jones arrived coincidentally at the same word play around the fact that VW owners must be fuming. Although I did it first (video evidence available) as he performed it on TV everyone will think I nicked it from him rather than us just arriving at the same wordplay potential )
Ian Macdonald Comedian comedy Stand Up sequence.jpg
Having a good comedy weekend though as Gig 26 at ACE SPACE was really well received and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I was doubly chuffed as the majority of the routine was written in July 2014 so my ability to make the material live must have improved.
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